The Hum Of Bees

Goldie Award Winning Book!

The Hum of Bees by Patricia Spencer

Can a recluse and a public figure
on the run from a media storm find love?

Eugenia Gallant has given everything up for her work life. Now she is being thrown under the bus by her superior. Exhausted, betrayed, and reviled, all she wants to do is hide out for the summer someplace where no one knows her. But where in Canada can a woman go to hide from the nationwide media storm she herself unleashed?

Darcy Gordon is all but a recluse. She lives on her farm outside the village of Wellington on Lake Ontario and minds her own business. She doesn’t watch TV, have internet, or even a data plan on her phone. Returning to her ancestral home after a spectacular crash and burn, she is hiding out, afraid that her past may come to light–or worse, that she might get pushed so hard again that she will repeat the unthinkable.

When a mutual friend asks Darcy if Eugenia can stay in the little cabin on her property as a favour, Darcy agrees, not knowing it will turn both their lives upside down. For what future can there be for love between a recluse and a prominent public figure ordered by the courts to return to the limelight? Between a woman based in Ontario and one forced to return to British Columbia?

The Hum of Bees is the first in The Prince Edward County Series.

Back Story on 
The Prince Edward County Series

I got the idea for this series in the summer of 2021 while driving through beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario. Though I am from the nearby city of Kingston, I feel Kingston is more a murder mystery city than a romance town, so I came up with the idea of writing a series of love stories based in The County.

I concocted four Gal Pals: Darcy, Scout, Natalie, and Lara. The Gals are all in their 50s, with varied life experience and insight. I love romances but rarely find complex stories featuring older women, so I decided to write them myself.

Each novel in The Prince Edward County Series can be read as a stand-alone romance. However, the stories are richer if read in order. The core Gal Pals appear in all the novels, with their new partners joining the ensemble as the series unfolds.

Customer Reviews

Full of Heart and Compassion

This book grabbed me on page one and didn’t let go.  A deeply moving story with memorable characters who prove that love can lift us to safety if we let go of fear and embrace our truth.  Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

~ Dee D

Beautifully Written

New writer for me and I am spellbound by this story. Patricia Spencer takes real life issues and frames them with strategies to not just survive, but flourish. The love story is poignant, the characters take up residence in the reader’s heart. Bravo!

~ PJ, Amazon Reviewer

A Terrific Read – Engaging, Insightful, Relevant

I love Darcy and Eugenia – that they are women!! that they are gifted, fascinating, and mature!! and that each brings her own unique, extensive, rich and wounded life experience that makes their entry into relationship full of potential and complexity.

~ Elizabeth, Amazon Reviewer

A Story with Soul

Beautifully written and layered with love and discovery, pain and joy and forgiveness. This is a story I will reread and let resonate in different moments of my life. A special book awaits you.

~ Lily May, Amazon Reviewer