Patricia Spencer

Goldie Award-winning author Patricia Spencer writes novels for sapphic romance readers who want it all: Mature women. Slow burn. Angst. And abiding love.

I love romances but rarely find complex stories featuring older women, so I decided to write their tales myself.

My novels straddle the romance genre and women’s fiction. They centre mature women in an unfolding love relationship. My main characters have histories, live complex lives, and offer insights into issues of core identity and how we interact with each other and the world..

My books go beyond the central romantic relationship to layer in different aspects of love, asking: How do we extend it beyond our lovers to include family, friends, and even strangers? How do we meet life with love?

Here’s my promise: Although I put my women through hell, they always – always – get their happy ending.

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Love With Soul

The Prince Edward County Series

The Hum of Bees by Patricia Spencer
Goldie Award Winner 2022
The Life Bestowed by Patricia Spencer
Highly Recommended on
The Lesbian Review

Historical Works

Lie With Me by Patricia Spencer
A Favourite on The Lesbian Review
I'll Get You Home: In One Piece (Trilogy)
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